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Don’t just take our word for it…
Vipamedia Publishing Suite is being used to great effect in
a variety of applications from small businesses to global
concerns; here’s some feedback from a selection of users.
What Users Say...
Global IT vendor using Vipamedia to
distribute product date to dealers who
assemble co- branded sales material
on demand
“Vipamedia has enabled us to offer greater choice
and flexibility in how we communicate with our
partners. We can now supply them with accurate
information about our entire product portfolio.”
Local government marketing business
property for rent, using Vipamedia to
catalogue and publish property details.
“Vipamedia offered us the next step in our adoption
of digital photography, allowing us to organise our
property data into classifications that we prescribed,
then browse and output into hardcopy or electronic
brochures in the council style.”
Manufacturers of laptop cases and
executive travel accessories, using Vipamedia to produce sales material
on the fly.
“ I look on the Vipamedia Publishing Suite as my
marketing department, its helping me to attract
the attention of companies that we could not have
approached in the past”
The UK’s foremost buyer’s guide for
IT hardware and software reviewed Vipamedia Publishing Suite in
July 2004.
“…you can’t get customised brochures back from
your printer quick enough to be of use to a specific
customer. Furthermore, most business don’t have
the design skills or time to produce numerous
adaptations of a standard brochure….but we think
we’ve come across a solution.”
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